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Ixigo unlisted share price

Ixigo Generated Rs 23 Cr Profit in FY23: Possible effects on its unlisted shares.

If you want to know the possible effects of the third quarter results of Ixigo generating 23 crore rupees profit on its unlisted stocks price, you have come to the right place. Also, there was a significant growth of 32% in Ixigo revenue from operations, reaching 501 crore rupees in the fiscal year ending March 2023, compared to 380 crores for 2022. Hence, the robust growth in revenue and profit will positively impact Ixigo’s unlisted shares. Many investors like you, excited by Ixigo’s enormous earnings for the fiscal year 2023 after its dismal performance in 2022, have high expectations for the unlisted Ixigo shares. 

So, continue reading the blog until the end to know how much the Ixigo unlisted shares price will rise because of the excellent performance along with the Ixigo IPO share price. 

What is Ixigo market share?

Le Travenues Technology Ltd., a technology company also known as Ixigo, is one of the leading full-fledged OTAs or online travel agents in India, operating since 2006. The Ixigo train booking app is the largest travel booking platform since 2006. It is because Ixigo leverages AI, ML, and data science to help travellers manage their trips. Travellers can use the mobile travel search engines offered by Ixigo to compare the price and availability of tickets to plan, book, cancel, and plan their trips effectively. Ixigo group confirms that as of March 2023, it has over 66 million monthly active users and over 6 million daily active users. Hence, Ixigo market share is rising in the travel space for Indian travellers to boost its revenue and profit. 

What are the Ixigo results announced recently?

In November, Ixigo announced its financial results for the fiscal year ending March 2023. Many of its figures were impressive because of its not-so-good performance in 2022, showing a loss of 21 crores, which is dismal compared to its 2021 profit of 7 crores. Hence, the profit of 23 crores in 2023 has raised the expectations of investors holding Ixigo unlisted shares. In May 2023, Ixigo announced that it had crossed the EBITDA margin of over 7% for fiscal year 2023. Also, its gross transaction value run rate was 10,000 crore rupees, which it expects to double by 2025. Also, Ixigo aims to raise its revenue growth by 40% in fiscal year 2024 to reach a target of 700 crores, which is higher than its current revenue of 500 crores. With Ixigo seeing a five times growth in operating income from pre-pandemic levels and ambitious plans to enter the hotels and packages sector, it has a bright future. 

How will the boost in profits impact the price of Ixigo shares?

After announcing the results, the Ixigo unlisted share price was around 135 in December. Also, Ixigo has put on hold its IPO plans for raising Rs. 1,600 crores, for which it filed DRHP or a draft red herring prospectus with SEBI in August 2021. Hence, its robust results for the fiscal year will also increase the expectations of Ixigo’s IPO share price in the future. 

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