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Styling Tips For Shirt Dress, Pink Dress And Fit And Flare Dress

Your outfit’s colour combinations are significant in making or breaking your look. It takes work to experiment with new tones and colours of dresses. From your shirt dress and pink dress to other coloured dresses, it is essential to create a coordinated look to enhance your style.

If you are ready to embrace the rainbow, we have listed some stylish ideas to colour-coordinate your VERO MODA dresses.

1.     Red Dress

Red is the favourite colour of every fashion enthusiast. It is the colour of love and passion. It is among the most challenging ones that can enhance your overall look if paired smartly. A red dress can be paired with various vibrant colours like black, blue, yellow, green, etc. Never pair your red dress with the wrong colour combinations, as it can make you look comical. You can enjoy the beauty of this fierce colour by pairing it with the right colour combination.

2.     Green Dress

Green is a fizzy colour that looks best in spring and summer. You can create an unorthodox fusion by matching your green outfit with other unusual colours like maroon and purple. For summer, combine your green dress with a yellow jacket to elevate your mood. You can also try different shades of green in a dress. Combining it with purple gives your look a royal and luxurious touch.

3.     Pink Dress

A pink dress is always on trend. It is a very feminine shade that is fun and flirty. You can play with various shades, from bubble gum to bright pink, to create the perfect look for the day. Various fashionistas pair pink with its complementary colour to create balance and harmony. You can pair your pink dress with blue, green, dark brown, grey, black, and various other shades to create a magical look. Pair your pink dress with nude shoes, and a gold, white, or black purse to create a fresh and fun look.

4.     White Dress

White fit and flare dress always look classy. It is a wardrobe staple for every woman.  If you don’t want to go out in an all-white fit and flare dress, you can add several colours to it. You can layer it with different coloured jackets, including denim. It is a black canvas, so you can add any colour you want to your outfit. You can wear a red belt, lipstick, or clutch to rock the look. You can also try emerald green or cool blue coloured jackets with your white dress.

5.     Black Dress

A classic black shirt dress can glam up your look for the evening. It is a staple item for every woman’s wardrobe. It is extremely vibrant and versatile, & with the right accessories, you can really stand out at any event.


Playing with different dress combinations like shirt dress and fit and flare dress can create a unique, fashionable look. Check out the wide range of dresses in red, pink, white, and various other colours at VERO MODA. Select your fashionable shade of the year and embrace your look.